The 2020 season saw the Arena Slotstox Club continue with two regular venues: the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Waltham Abbey Community Centre ('WACC') and second, fourth and fifth Wednesday of each month at the new Hobbs Cross venue.


4 March - Arena points chart round 1 at 'WACC' racing my blue Parmastox which was struggling for grip having not been used for a while but improved as the meeting progressed (along with the driver) - heat 1 - 3rd of seven drivers (28 - 4th scored 26); heat 2 - 5th of seven drivers (20 - 6th scored 19) and heat 3 - 4th of seven drivers (23 - 3rd scored 25 whilst 5th scored 22).  All remaining six drivers qualified for the final - 2nd (31) - 10 (best heat 3 + final 7) points chart points.